How Houstonians Can Support One Another During COVID-19 Outbreak

As a longtime Texan, I put my trust in my home state and this city to make us proud to call ourselves Houstonians during this trying time. If there’s one thing of value we can take away from the current COVID-19 outbreak, it is the opportunity to witness the outpouring of support and humanity that tragedy can inspire. As a small thank you to our community for making my family and I honored to call Houston home, I wanted to pass along some ways I’ve seen Houstonians helping one another for your consideration.

•    As Houston Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. noted on his Instagram, many local restaurants and eateries are being greatly affected by COVID-19. Support local businesses by ordering delivery/curbside pickup and show them that they’re valued by their community.

•    Buy a gift card from a local business. I know you’ll have your personal favorites, and you can find a list of Houston businesses seeking support to purchase a gift card directly from their website here:

•    Houston blood banks such as the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and St. Vincent’s are asking for healthy Houstonians to donate blood as soon as possible to maintain supply during this uncertain time.

•    Look for ways to helped loved ones, especially elders. The current situation is difficult on all of us, but the elderly community is most at-risk. Do your part to check in and see if you can help any elderly loved ones, friends and neighbors with grocery-shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc.

•    Congregate for virtual church services. A number of religious communities have begun livestreaming services where anyone can tune in, be a part of a faith-based community, and worship. Donate online to your community places of worship, many of whom rely on weekly donations to sustain their efforts.

•    Donate to the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund. The Greater Houston Community Foundation and United Way of Houston have teamed up to aid COVID-19 recovery efforts for Houstonians and their neighbors. For more information, visit:

In these days of isolation, there are many ways to reach out, and I am so proud of all the ongoing efforts in our city. My family and I have also been able to help out in some of these ways and feel very fortunate to be able to do so.

Stay strong and please keep sharing your ideas as well.

My blessings!